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​MEANWHILE   (2016- )



【MEANWHILE】is my watercolour illustration series which are based on cities where I've lived for a longer while. This project will keep growing as long as I visit new places. Traveling enables me to have more time to get along with myself, I am the one to decide which moments, which scenes to draw. Meanwhile, what I think, who I am, or even my innermost are also being painted.


【MEANWHILE】was first exhibited at LIAR FAKE MUSIC RECORDS & TAPES GALLERY, which is a traditional brick house in a small old town in the middle part of Taiwan, Lu-Kang. The exhibition presented the beginning part of this project【​KYOTO】, meanwhile, I finished the second part【​LUKANG】 during my artist-in-residence there. The third part of the series will be【​Farnham】, where is a lovely British town I finished my master degree, please look forward to it :)

鹿港  Lu-Kang, Taiwan (2017)

京都  Kyoto, Japan (2016)

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